Message from Tim Smith
Last Updated: 03/13/18

 Mountain Meadows Course Recap
Sunday, June 11 , 2017

A mostly cool day at Mountain Meadows this month for our first of two events for our Club Championship. It was great to see everyone enjoying the course.

A big thanks to Josh McDonald, General Manager and to his team at Mountain Meadows for a great set-up and hospitality. The reigning "LA County Golf Course of the Year" was in terrific condition!

Please take a look below at some of the hot performances of the weekend. Great playing! On the pace of play front, we performed at a 4 1/2 to a 5 hour round on a tough track, good job! Let's keep up the good work, and remember to keep pace with the group in front of you, not behind of you!! Next month's event will be at the beautiful and popular Los Verdes Golf Course. If you are looking to play early, don't wait to long to book your tee time, they will fill up quickly!

Here’s the round up on scores:
1ST Limon, Pete 81 15 66
2ND Diego, Hercules 84 16 68
T-3 Cooper, Mike 85 15 70
T-3 Ueda, Takeshi 81 11 70
5TH McHatton, Gary 89 16 73

1ST Castillo, Billy 84 20 64
T-2 Diego, Greg 89 21 68
T-2 Diego, Rico 85 17 68
T-4 Dominguez, Santos 89 19 70
T-4 Vizcarra, Vic 89 19 70
T-6 Aguilar, Jesse 89 18 71
T-6 Macdonald, Kevin 92 21 71

1ST Tuitasi, Vaosa 95 26 69
2ND Camanzo, Macmele 100 29 71
3RD Ramirez, Joe 98 26 72
4TH Burgett, David 99 26 73
T-5 Deweese, Rex 97 22 75
T-5 Anderson, Gregory 99 24 75

1ST Seto, Kristin 79 6 73
2ND Kreher, Mareta 98 24 74
3RD Good, Barbara 122 45 77
4TH Liu, Huasha 98 20 78

Congratulations to all of the winners of the June Club event!

We look forward to seeing you at our next event Sunday, July 30, 2017 at LOS VERDES GOLF COURSE - 7000 West Los Verdes Drive, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275.

Sincerely, Tim Smith

La Mirada Course Recap
Sunday, May 21 , 2017

A toasty day it was at La Mirada this month for our outing this past Sunday. It was great to see everyone out again especially the faces we had not seen in a few months or even a year.

We continued distribution of towels to members who have not yet received theirs and encourage those who have not gotten theirs to join us at our next event this season at Mountain Meadows.

Big thanks again to John Kulow, General Manager and to his team at La Mirada for a great set-up and hospitality. Great to see their rovers on the course assisting  the players too!

Take a look at some of the hot performances from our winners below. Great playing! On the pace of play front, we performed just slightly under our average time but most likely due to the heat. We still find that to be one of our most common feedback items and we hope that each of  our members will take a commitment to be better. We certainly want you all to feel comfortable and not rushed while playing but also not to fall behind the group in front. One area of opportunity for our group is to focus on moving from tee to green. If you are the first two players in your group of four to putt out on a green, please head to the next tee and prepare for your shot. Especially if the next tee is open. If you are the first three to putt out in a group of five, this would apply as well. This may seem discourteous, but not to worry, it’s not. It’s simply a practice that can save a few minutes each hole and quite a few across the 15 groups that play in our Club monthly. Small changes that each player can implement in their golf pace of play regimen can make a big difference and we are asking you to be committed. We hope that all of you will be part of this goal and help foster enjoyment for all our players in the Club.

Here’s the round up on scores:
1st Shabbir, Ayden 63
2nd Diego, Hercules 66
T-3 Stibal, Tyler 67
T-3 Aguilar, Hector 67
T-5 Curran, Philip 68
T-5 Aguilar, Jesse 68
7th Eleazar, Carmelo 69
T-8 Beehler, Jack 71
T-8 Dominguez, Santos 71
T-8 Cooper, Mike 71

1st Francisco, Sebastian 62
2nd Prince, Robert 65
3rd Deweese, Rex 67
4th Burgett, David 71
T-5 Tuitasi, Vaosa 72
T-5 Costello, James 72

1st Stibal, Erin 73
T-2 Hix, Jill 74
T-2 Jackson, Alice 74
T-4 Netzeband, Doreen 76
T-4 Kreher, Mareta 76

Congratulations to all of the winners of the May Club event!

We look forward to seeing you at our next event Sunday, June 11, 2017 at MOUNTAIN MEADOWS GOLF COURSE - 1875 Fairplex Drive, Pomona, CA 91768.

Sincerely, Tim Smith

Diamond Bar Golf Course Recap
Sunday, April 30, 2017

One of the best mornings we have had thus far on our 2017 starts this past Sunday at Diamond Bar Golf Course. Big thanks to Brandon O’Neil, General Manager and Nephi Diaz, Superintendent for the hospitality and great course conditions!

During April’s event, we had the privilege of thanking all of our members with a complimentary LA County Golf Club towel. If you couldn’t make this month’s event, be sure to sign up for the next event to get your towel (limit 1 per member).

It was great to have a beautiful day and member gift to start off the round but the course definitely gave us a hefty challenge. Overall the scores were a bit higher than our average but we did have a handful of good performances – check out the round-up of scores below. The challenges on the course may have contributed to our average pace of play at the 5-hour 30-minute mark.

We continue to encourage our members to adopt pace of play best practices such as:
• When sharing a cart, use a buddy system
Don’t wait in the cart while your cartmate hits and then drive to your ball. Get out and walk to your ball with a few clubs. Be ready to play when it is your turn and then let your cartmate pick you up. Or, drive to your ball after you drop your cartmate off and then pick him or her up after you hit.

• Be efficient on the putting green
Mark your ball and lift and clean it when you arrive at the putting green so you will be ready to replace it when it is your turn to play. You can usually line up your putt while others are putting, without disturbing them. Leave your clubs on the side of the putting green closest to the next tee, and leave the green promptly after holing out. Wait until the next tee to record your score.

Here’s the round up on scores:
1st Vanore, David 67
T-2 Bradshaw, Bob 70
T-2 Garzone, John 70
T-4 Evans, Greg 72
T-4 Aguilar, Jesse 72
T-4 Dominguez, Santos 72
T-4 Diego, Rico 72
T-8 Diego, Greg 73
T-8 Castillo, Billy 73

1st Burgett, David 71
2nd Camanzo, Macmele 72
3rd Moreno, David 74
T-4 Francisco, Sebastian 76
T-4 Chantland, Tim 76
T-6 Matthews, Chauncey 77
T-6 Burgett, Eric 77
T-6 Donnelly, Tom 77
T-6 Ramirez, Joe 77

1st Kreher, Mareta 68
T-2 Tan, Jacinta 74
T-2 Stibal, Erin 74
T-4 Williams, Janis 78
T-4 Ryane, Rebecca 78

Congratulations to all of the winners of the April Club event!

We look forward to seeing you at our next event Sunday, May 21, 2017 at LA MIRADA GOLF COURSE - 15501 Alicante Rd, La Mirada, CA 90638.

Sincerely, Tim Smith